Write And Distribute Informational Marketing Reports To Attract Clients


In order for a person to want to use your services as a real estate agent and recommend you to others, they must trust you to be the most competent and knowledgeable agent around. One way to earn this trust is by writing and distributing informational reports to your current and prospective clients. These reports or booklets prove you are an expert in your field and also have the skill necessary to share your knowledge with others.

The easiest way to begin is to break the process down into its individual parts, tackle each of them one at a time, and then combine them all into a coherent, well-written package that will provide valuable information to your clients, who will then turn to you for their real estate needs. The three parts we will discuss are how to identify the right topics, how to write about them, and what format to present the complete package in.

The first thing you must do is decide on a topic. This can be about any current, or older but still relevant, area of real estate. Some examples might be “How To Prepare Your House To Sell,” “Understanding The Real Estate Sales Process,” “How To Understand Property Taxes,” or “Things To Know About Buying A House.” These are just a few examples you could use; you are only limited by your imagination and knowledge.

Once you decide on a topic you then have to write. There are several ways to go about writing a report like this. You could gather all the facts, figures, documents, and research together, and then draft an outline of what you want to include. Begin with your title and a short paragraph describing what the report will be about. You can then refer back to this as you write to keep you on track with what you want to say.

If you do write an outline, try to divide your topic into clearly defined sections, put a subtitle on each, and then write the body. Remember that each section should flow easily and logically into the next, all paragraphs should begin with a sentence that the rest of the paragraph will be about, and try to make each paragraph one complete thought. Make sure your personal information is prominently displayed throughout the booklet.

After you finish writing, you absolutely must edit your report before you do anything else with it. Go through every line as many times as you can and correct all the errors you find. Giving someone a report that is meant to impress but only points out your problems with spelling and grammar will have exactly the opposite result you want. Once you are done editing, give it to a knowledgeable friend or two to go over it again. If you do not find mistakes each time you go through it, you are not looking hard enough. It is absolutely imperative that you correct every mistake before going on to the next step.

Once you are finished with your report, you are going to need to put it in a form to give your clients and prospective clients. Once again, there are many choices here as well. Your report can be anything from a handful of printed pages stapled together, to a professionally printed and bound booklet. You will want to go with the most professional look you can afford.

By writing and distributing these informational reports, you separate yourself from the competition, show yourself to be a knowledgeable professional, and provide valuable information to people who will show their gratitude by using your services and recommending you to others.


Source by Aldar Nagy